4 Qualities of a Successful SAP Professional

Successful SAP Professional

When you’re looking for a company to implement SAP technology, you should be on the lookout for these characteristics. These include a strong communication team, a focus on solutions, and a history of working with the core applications of a company. It’s crucial to find a company that has all of these qualities. And it’s important to look for more than just their price tag. You should also consider how the company will approach your project and what they will do to succeed.

Working with subject matter experts

A good SAP partner in UAE will have subject matter experts to work with your employees. Such experts should be experienced and knowledgeable in the industry and have a strong grasp of human behavior. These experts should be able to build rapport across multiple hierarchies and mediate between the business team and the SAP implementation team. They should be able to identify gaps and improve current processes and arrange supplementary training as needed.

Focusing on solutions

SAP projects are complex and have a moving timeline, so solutioning skills are essential. Consulting firms often overpromise and put the team on a stressful path as they struggle to meet unrealistic deadlines. This will result in frustration, but SAP systems will always present their challenges. Focusing on solutions will demonstrate leadership skills and help keep everyone focused on the end goal.

Understanding the context of a project

A good SAP company understands the context of a project. These projects often involve redesigning the way a company does business. The SAP implementation requires a broad understanding of the business and the functions that it must perform. In some cases, a team may not even have been aware of the new product until the project began. In such cases, a team that understands the context of a project can avoid misunderstandings and resolve issues as they arise.


A good SAP partner is transparent in its pricing. A good SAP partner should tell you what each module costs and how much system upgrades and maintenance will cost without charging hidden fees. The vendor should be honest and forthcoming about its pricing and set clear expectations with you. This way, you won’t have to worry about unexpected costs later. Here are some other qualities of a good SAP partner. These are also important considerations for choosing a vendor.

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