How to Make Meeting Rooms Interactive and Less Boring

How to Make Meeting Rooms Interactive and Less Boring

Meeting rooms are usually small to accommodate only two people comfortably, often a few people for an important product launch or an impressive number of individuals for an interview. Most large corporations will have several such meeting rooms at home but availability and space is often at a premium and so most businesses must book meeting rooms outside. These often have their own conference room which may be located in a basement or used as a warehouse for product launches.

Refreshment Bar:

While it is common practice to provide refreshments and coffee in conference rooms, some companies choose to go a step further and provide snacks while guests listen to a speaker or take part in one of the many activities and games being offered. This has obvious benefits for businesses that need to cater for a wide range of clients, including health-conscious executives who may struggle with sugar levels during a presentation.

Coffee Bar:

Another trend developing is the development of “coffee bars” in certain areas of cities. Many conference rooms will offer free coffee and snacks to visitors who may spend a few hours in the meeting room. This may not be accompanied by a meal or refreshments; however it is certainly convenient for those who wish to sit down and relax and chat with friends and colleagues before or after a long day at work.

LCD Projectors:

Companies that are based in large cities have invested in startup office space that are equipped with the latest technologies, such as LCD projectors. These televisions are usually placed close to a television or computer monitor, to allow the speaker to address the audience directly and to show slides or videos to accompany presentations.

Large Projector Screens:

Some meeting rooms in cafe to work will also feature a larger projector screen. If there are a lot of wall space available and the presenter’s talking for hours on end, the conference room can feel claustrophobic and uninteresting. However, some meeting rooms will feature a side by side-wall panels that split the screen into two separate panels, allowing the presenter to address two audiences.

Wireless Internet:

The modern meeting rooms available today have all of the features to make meeting a success. They often include multimedia facilities, such as large LCD projectors, DVD players, and even wireless internet. Business meeting space can often be charged at a much higher rate than normal, due to the increased importance of meeting rooms.

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