Tips for Starting a Tire Shop

These are two important elements to opening a tire shop: licensing and location. You can open a tire shop by obtaining a valid Business License in any Emirate where you anticipate servicing. There are a few things to look for when reviewing your Emirate’s requirements.

– Will your business model include all types of tire repairs? A tire shop Dubai that only offers replacement or new tires may not be as well suited for a mobile repair business. It is important to distinguish between service locations versus sales locations and the models of both are important. A repair model that only offers tires will require a different set of licensing criteria than a service location.

– Does your tire shop to have a return policy? If you are providing new tires put some thought into how you will handle tire returns. You want to return to the customer with the minimum of fuss as possible, and a good return policy will help you achieve this.

– Determine financial projections prior to opening your tire shop: A financial projection will allow you to plan for startup costs and see what your bottom line will be at launch. In order to determine if you can afford a startup investment, you need to know how much you plan on charging for repairs and Continental tyres after the shop opens. You also need to determine if you will be able to charge enough to justify your overhead cost with profit margins.

– Take advantage of all resources before you decide on your final business model. You can conduct free market research online and gain a great deal of information about existing tire shops in your area, and the market trends that are driving them to success or failure. Take advantage of all efforts to gain market knowledge before you open your tire shop.

– Tire repair shops have an advantage over other types of repair shops when it comes to attracting customers. Many people enjoy going to a tire shop for quick repairs. Many tire shops provide quality products and service. These advantages make tire shop’s an excellent choice for your new business. If you choose your business wisely, you can enjoy all of the advantages listed here.

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