Things only international school kids will relate to

Things only international school kids will relate to

Learning is an integral part of life and one of the many sources of learning would be best British curriculum school in Dubai. International schools are surely different from the usual ones and thus the students which they produce are also a different kind of product. They are more than just learned graduates and more than just students, because the skills set which they share are uniquely different from the others. This is why if you are from British international school in Dubai, then you may relate to some of these:

  • Your accent is not from here neither from there, in fact it’s something in between. Studying in international school would mean you encounter many different people from many different corners of the globe with their own accent and because you are known to be spending most of your day with them, you will surely pick up things from here and there.
  • Culture diversity is something pretty cool which you are highly familiar with. With students from all kinds of backgrounds studying with you, you would be glad to know their stories and make some connections in every corner of the world. This is something which we believe you wouldn’t want to trade with something common.
  • Just like picking up different accents from different students, you will also be seen picking up different words in different languages, then be it curse words or basic grammar. It is actually pretty cool to know a few words from here and there which goes as a running secret joke in your group.
  • It’s an international school and you may bond with some of the friends greatly but this does not mean that you will always stay together. No one else than you would know how hard saying bye is and you would not ever want to say it again but that’s just the part of learning and growing up in an international school.
  • You may be repeating your story so many times of how you ended up in the specific place that now it may start sounding like a recorded tape – but you’re fine with it because in return you get to hear their awesome stories too.

Growing up in such a place is a blessing in disguise and trust us when we tell you, this will stay with you forever.

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